An autobiography about Ivan Roussev

A Photo of Ivan Roussev and his sister Georgia

Just from my name you can tell that Im not from here, most think Im Russian. I'm Ivan Roussev, I moved from Bulgaria to Canada when I was 2. I am multiligual coming from a French Immersion school where I have taken French classes since the first grade, I speak English, French and Bulgarian, you may hear me and Tamim speaking Bulgarian in class. I sometimes play videogames, you may see me playing Fifa or Call of Duty on my discord activiy. I usually like to go out with my friends instead of staying home. I have 4 siblings, an older brother, and the rest are younger than me. This summer I went back to my homecountry of bulgaria. On the way home I passed through Paris for one day. I enjoyed my day walking through Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower for the second time.

Three of my favourite hobbies

  1. Biking
  2. Playing video games
  3. Watching soccer
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